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Gulberg Islamabad

Islamabad In the heart of it all!
Islamabad, the beautiful capital city of Pakistan, nestled against the backdrop of fascinating Margalla Hills, offers a lush green local and elegant living to its residents. The city, symbolizing the aspirations of a vibrant nation, is a modern and carefully planned urban center. Originally envisaged only as a center of administration, Islamabad has now transformed into a thriving business center with an ever increase population.
Needless to say, Islamabad has emerged as the most popular choice as a place of residence and business in Pakistan.
Luxury living, redefined in Gulberg Islamabad
Gulberg Islamabad is for those who seek the ultimate living experience. It simply offers more. The location invites you to enhance your lifestyle through the best that the capital has to offer. Gulberg Islamabad is like no other residence. It’s for those who seek more out of life. For those who want peace of mind and convenience and for those who deserve a real luxury. It allows you to indulge In a timeless way of life, offering the perfect balance of community and privacy
The most green, the most economical and ideally located Luxury Living in Islamabad…..
4, 5, 10 Kanal Luxury Living.


A Paradise of majestic areas

Welcome to Gulberg Islamabad, a breathtaking master-planned area surrounded by the natural beauty and rugged spirit of the valleys.
It is a paradise of majestic rolling areas of Margalla & Murree Hills that presents you with panoramic views of the beautiful area. Ideally Located in the heart of Islamabad directly accessed from Islamabad expressway near the airport chowk. Gulberg Islamabad offers you a lifestyle like no other. The scheme’s unique mix of pristine land and a highly desirable location means that it is removed from all the noise, traffic and bustle of the big cities, yet it is close enough to enjoy all of the city conveniences. Gulberg Islamabad is logical choices for those who prefer a serene community, don’t want a long commute, closest to Pak-Secretariat, Parliament, Supreme Court, Blue Area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi Distt-Courts.

Your Home in the Capital
Property in Islamabad has always remained the most desirable property in Pakistan. That is why the demand has always exceeded the available supply. This has resulted in dramatic appreciation in Islamabad property over the past several years and has caused capital property to be too expensive for most people to afford. Until Now!
Gulberg Islamabad offers you the unique chance of building a luxury home for your loved ones in the capital. Islamabad has always been called the # 1 place to live in Pakistan. The factors taken into consideration are economy, health housing, education, security weather elegance and Islamabad has always won with a perfect score. Gulberg Islamabad offers you an affordable opportunity to live in this wonderful city.

Have you Ever Dreamed?
Have you ever dreamed of living a simple, but elegant lifestyle in the capital? Of having spacious land where you can relax, away from big city stress? Where your children can discover nature? With city conveniences and culture at your doorstep? Gulberg Islamabad offers you the best of both worlds. An Islamabad community poised atop the lush green valleys. Perfectly located for the home that you’ve always dreamed of ……..a quiet place to relax, a world of adventure and exploration for the young of heart, and place for exciting and challenging activities.

Sport Complex
similarly, for the indoor sports—from bouncing down the diving board and taking a dive in a crystal clear swimming pool, from squash to basketball and Gymnasium to Health Club—we have got it all for you. Obviously, all these exciting activities will be a great fun and entertainment for you, your family and friends.
Family Club House:
One of the features of Gulberg Islamabad will be the Club House with various sports activities and amenities for its members. Sports have always been a great attraction for the fitness-oriented individuals.
Gulberg Islamabad offers multifarious outdoor and indoor sports catering to your individual and family requirements.
1.       Prominent Land Uses
Civic & Recreational Facilities
Auditorium, Public Library & Community Centers
2.       Amusement Park, Totolos, Open Spaces
3.       Jogging Tracks & Walkways.
4.       Club & Gymnasium
5.       Planned Water Bodies/Lakes
6.       Sports & Cultural Complex
7.       Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts
8.       Golf Club, Theater & Cineplex

Institutional Facilities:
1.       Nurseries & Schools
2.       Colleges & Universities

3.       Residential Facilities
4.       Standard Residential Houses (200-1000 sq.yds)
5.       Luxury Living Plots (4,5,&10 Kanal)
6.       Luxury Apartments & Condominiums


Salient Features:
1.       Underground Electricity Distribution Network
2.       Underground Drainage & Sewerage Network
3.       Sewerage Treatment Plants
4.       Underground Water Supply Network
5.       Tube Wells, Underground & Overhead Water Storage Facilities
6.       Water Filtration Plants
7.       Underground Telecommunication Networks
8.       Underground Gas Network

1.       Entrance Gateway
2.       Guarded Physical Surveillance
3.       Security Gates, Walls & CCTV

Other Public Buildings/amenities:
1.       Express Way & Main Avenues
(220’,200’,150’&120’ wide main roads)
2.       Main Traffic Commuters
(100’,80’&70’ Wide Central Roads)
3.       Internal Roads
(60’,50’ & 40’ Wide Access Streets)
Land Scaping:
·         Arboriculture and Horticulture planning of Road Medians, Walkways, Road Shoulder, along water bodies.
·         Soft & Hard land Scaping of Parks, Round About, Passive and Active Recreational Sites.


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  2. What is the current progress of link road? When it will be completed?

  3. The link road is still in progress

  4. Can anyone share the pics of Link road development?

  5. I heard that tender invitation has been called for link road bridge construction. Is it true?

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  9. By when is gulberg expected to be completely developed with commercial areas as well ?